God Is Faithful

It’s amazing how God stays the course even when we fail.  I know that there are times when I just get too tired  to keep believing that a particular thing will happen.  Then, like magic, out of nowhere, God will speak and reinvigorate me. 

Recently I’d been facing a problem getting a particular piece of copywriting done.  I had all the particulars, I knew the product inside out.  I had massive skill to do the job.  It should have only taken a few hours.  I already had most of it written.  I was just sick of it.

I was so focused on this copy that it filled my every waking moment.  The deadline was looming and in fact had passed several times.  I just kept moving it from day to day.  It wasn’t for a client.  It was copy I was writing for myself!  You’d think I could muster up some excitement for that.  But nooooo. 

Instead, every time I sat down to do my copywriting I just drew a blank as I stared at the screen.  As I sat there sighing after several hours of avoidance, I heard God say, “Lay your head back and close your eyes.” 

He proceeded to share a parable that closely matched my situation.  Then at the end he showed me that I had tried something different with this copy and had ended up trying to be someone else; to use someone else’s approach.  It wasn’t working.  I suddenly knew exactly what had been wrong and how to fix it.

I was reenergized and started writing that copy immediately…with enthusiasm!

I invite you to remember that in whatever work you do, God is there to help; to guide.  He’s interested in our success and knows just how to recharge our batteries when they’re at their lowest.  I invite you to invite God into your work today.

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