The Day After

Thank God we’ve made it through another election.  We can all breathe easy now, right?  Wrong.  Everything up to yesterday was nothing more than laying the foundation for the direction America is going to be taking.  Today the work begins.

Today we need to start making an action plan on how we’re going to change things.  They say all politicsa are local.  It couldn’t be truer.  Everything we do locall affects the national level of the political scene.

“How do I start?” you may ask.  Simple.  Sit down and make a list of everything you’d like to see changed.  List the things you think are bad that need to be corrected, then list the things you think would be good if we did them. 

Now look your list over and decide which things are easy, which things may be hard, which things might get done but seem unlikely, and finally which things just aren’t going to happen. 

Take those that just aren’t going to happen and put them on your prayer list.  Pray and trust God for them but other than that, ignore them.

Take the list that remains and prioritize the list.  Getting the easy things done first will give you some confidence and experience.  It will spur you on to keep working on your list.  Your first goal is to finish all these easy things.

Make an action plan for the remaining items on the list.  This should include milstone events (progress checkpoints) so you can adjust your action to stay on track.

Then, go do what you put in your action plan.  I’m looking forward to hearing how you’re doing on your action plan.  I may put one together and put it online here, then follow its progress in the blog.  What do you think?  Should I do that?

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