Sprucing up for God

Have you ever noticed that God is reminding us of the things we need to learn on a regular basis?

Sometimes our relationship with God resembles a marital relationship.  In the beginning there’s all the excitement; the honeymoon period.  We spruce ourselves up for our new partner.  We pay a lot of attention to them.  We praise them regularly.  We can’t get enough of them.

Christianity is like that.  When we’re first saved the newness of our life with God causes us to look at all the areas of our life that need cleaned up and we spruce ourselves up for God.  We hang on every word that comes from him.  We worship and praise him regularly and we just can’t seem to get enough of him.

Yet, just as all honeymoons end, so the newness with our salvation begins to fade and we’re left with the realities of living with our new partner.  Sometimes this takes a lot of hard work.  It’s not easy having a partner who really is perfect.  We’re stuck dealing with our imperfections. 

It gets old being wrong all the time and having to grow.  So our love for God grows cold.  We forget to pray, read our bible, praise, and most importantly we forget to listen to him and include him in each day.

The best way to deal with this is to shift our mindset.  By understanding that he’s already paid the price for all our shortcomings we can begin to see that we’ve been made perfect through his grace.  All we have to do is relax into the grace filled life he has given us.  By leaning into his ever present strong arms we’re safe, protected, and made perfect.  We can then begin to renew the intimacy that belongs in all good relationships.